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Data Cabling

To accommodate today’s complex and demanding network and IT systems, AB Securiy provide structured data cabling installation and design services via our trusted engineers. Why Does Choice of Network Data Cabling Matter? The speed and overall capacity of your company's internal network depends on 2 key areas of technology: the processing speed of your computers and the speed of your internal network connections. Having reduced capacity in either of these areas will result in slower transmission speeds, potentially slowing down your business. Having the latest computers and file servers will be undermined by internal data cabling which is not capable of handling the quantity and size of files generated by the business. But choosing the right type and configuration of data cabling can be difficult and requires professional advice. To help you decide on the number and placement of data points our cable installation service will take into account the number of people and computers that need to be served (including any likely growth) and the office layout.

As well as everyday workstations we can also factor in additional data points that may be needed elsewhere in the building, such as meeting rooms, demo areas, breakout spaces and so forth. Alternatively, it may be here that wireless connectivity can usefully augment the physical network when people are away from their main workstations. We can suggest and discuss the options with you helping you to understand how the network will be used in practice and the cost implications of different scenarios.